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Guro Kevin Seaman

Guro Kevin Seaman has been my instructor and friend since 1991 when I first started training in the Filipino Martial Arts under him. In 1993 he became my Muay Thai instructor and later in 1998 my Jun Fan Instructor. Based on my first-hand experience, I would highly recommend that anyone who has an opportunity to train with this very talented martial artist should do so.

Guro (Sifu) Seaman regularly gives seminars. Check the index page for dates. For information use the Collamer-Jones contact information on the main Filipino Martial Arts page or call (585)548-2801.

Guro Kevin Seaman can be reached by calling (800)343-WEST. His mailing address is PO Box 762, Cortland, New York 13045.

Check out Guro Seaman's webpage for additional information. Go to Kevin Seaman. Also, Go To The Winning Mind Set.

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