Alan Tang


Alan Tang and his Wingscope Company made New York Chintown in 1982. Much of it was filmed on site in New York City.

the Cast:
Alan Tang Kwong Wing
Melvin Wong Gam San
Maria Chung Wai Bing
The Director
Siu Wing
The Scriptwriter
Cheung Hoi Hing
The Producer
Rover K.C. Tang


Alan Tang plays a triad style Chinese crime boss located in New York City. He and another Chinese gangster are in competition. Their mutual triad boss tries and fails to keep peace between the two. This leads to intrigue and mobster-type action. The police side with the rival and continually harrass Tang.

Eventually Tang is framed by his rival, tried and sent to jail. Tang's beautiful girlfriend is compromised by his rival which angers Tang. Eventually, some city officials decide the best way to control things in Chinatown is to let Tang out of jail to seek revenge. This he does in a very exciting action-filled way which you will enjoy watching.

Note: Alan Tang has a degree in Chinese history and periodically uses the theme of people trying to alter or change Chinese history in his movies. New York Chinatown is one such movie. There is an interesting scene where Tang challenges a history lecturer who is altering facts to his students on the lawn at a college. Tang corrects the speaker at gun point and all the students clap!


Tang and his rival The two gangland rivals (Tang is on right) are all smiles in this picture.

Tang with gunAlan Tang with his gun and buddies prepares for a fight.

Tang and girlfriend Alan Tang and his girlfriend enjoy a happy time together.

Tang in police car Alan Tang in police car on his way back to Chinatown.

Tang on phoneAlan Tang makes a phone call after arrest.

Tang with sad face Alan Tang at end of movie looks sadly at Chinatown.

lobby card from New York Chinatown

New York Chinatown Lobby Card

lobby card from New York Chinatown

New York Chinatown Lobby Card

Alan Tang in New York Chinatown

New York Chinatown a Thai Poster

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